ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification Program(s)

ASTA Certification Programs Enrollment

Verified Travel Certification Programs

ASTA's certification programs provide a higher level of verifiable professional knowledge to the advanced seller of travel. Completion of the program proves to all your proficiency and dedication.  

ASTA Certification Programs Enrollment

Continuing Education - VTA Recertification

Continuing education and maintaining your ASTA VTA certification indicates your dedication to yourself and your customers. The continuing education program is now open.

50% off until April 30

About the program

ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification Program is 50% off during the month of April 2020.
Discount code: VTA50

There are all kinds of industry certifications in the travel industry. All of which are very valuable and attest to hard work and determination. The ASTA Verified Travel Advisor (VTA) certification program lets the travel industry and the consumer know that advisor is one of unparalleled knowledge, professionalism, and ethical boundaries beyond reproach. The continuing education component of the program is available after completion of the certification. Read the course requirements and more about this program.

Download: ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Fact Sheet

Enroll in the certification program

When you are ready to start enrollment process click button above. Sign-in to or create an account. Use the program name link to view the programs requirements. Then select blue Enroll button.

Fill out your enrollment PDF application and pay your enrollment fee, then you will received access to the certification course materials. Please download the PDF from your web browser before filling it out.

Cost:  ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Certification Program is 50% off during the month of April 2020. Discount code: VTA50
$399 for ASTA Travel Advisor Members 
      $598 for Non-Member Independent Travel Advisor (includes ASTA membership for one year)
      $729  for Non-Member Travel Advisor (includes ASTA agency membership for one year)
$179 for Verified Travel Advisor Recertification - Continuing Education (ASTA membership is required)

Complete the requirements and certification program

After completing a course requirements, you need to record your completion by uploading your course certificate of completion. It will appear as earned after it is approved and credit is granted by association staff.  

Click Print Transcript at any time to view a printable record of all the courses and requirements you have completed. 

Complete all of the necessary requirements required for the program. When your progress has been approved, your certification is earned! 

View: Tips on Using the Online Certification Portal


ASTA Verified Travel Advisor Program Sponsor

Marriott International

Verified Travel Advisor Program Bonus Commissions

AmaWaterways Bonus Commissions

AmaWaterways is providing $100 in bonus commissions to graduates of ASTA's Verified Travel Advisor Program.