Alluring India – Lands of Living Traditions

Alluring India – Lands of Living Traditions
This FAM will be hosted by Shantha Mony - Chapter Director for the Los Angeles Chapter of NACTA.  Alluring India is a kaleidoscope of traditions, culture and vibrant geographies and speaks for itself a a soul-stirring journey. From its dusty snow trenches, frolic coasts, gripping natural beauty to the mystic ravines of spirituality and clusters of cultural shades defining its raw beauty, India will capture not only your heart but the hearts of your clients

Your fabulous FAM will end with your return flight to the Delhi airport, arriving at approximately 4:40 PM, where you can connect with your flight home. 

Only 9 Double Occupancy / 2 Single Occupancy (Total of 20 Individuals)

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9/10/2018 - 9/17/2018

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