Mr. Akhen Mizraim, Sr., MBA
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Travel Specialization
All Inclusive, Amusement/Theme Parks, Corporate/Government, Cruising - River, Cruising/Cruise Lines, Culinary/Cooking/Gastronomy, Customized Travel, Destination Weddings, Disney, Educational, Family/Multi-generational, Golf & Tennis, Government Travel, Luxury Travel, Rail
Destination Specialization
Africa, Asia - Southeast Asia, England - United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, U.S. - Alaska, U.S. - Florida, U.S. - Hawaii, U.S. - Las Vegas, U.S. - Midwest
Languages Known
English, German, Japanese, Tagalog
ASTA Certification
It is my pleasure to help you plan a great vacation.
About me
Please let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am a very widely experienced travel consultant.

I have worked extensively throughout Washington-where I live in Seattle, Philippines, Thailand and south America countries, amonst many other places. As a result, I have an extensive knowledge of interesting sites.
Why I love my job
Think you’re too small to have Techmiz help manage your business travel." I have heard this several times from prospective clients. The fact is if you are a small company or individual you are the ones most in need of assistance and guidance when it comes to business travel. You do not have to implement high end tracking programs or lock yourself into long term contracts that make you feel pressured to take whatever airfare is offered.

In some respects that mindset for this type of thinking is correct. Too often when you call the airline you are not entitled to negotiated flight rates or discounts on hotel stays because it isn’t to their benefit to work with you on those terms. The discounts on airlines and the nightly net rates for hotels are set aside for the big boys. Companies that spend tens of millions of dollars a year on business class travel are the ones privy to the big discounts on hotels and cheap flights.

The need to form strategic partnerships in business travel is essential to the forward and upward life cycle of your business. Techmiz acknowledges that you need to save money and control expenses. But at what cost? If you are a $200 an hour consultant should you be spending six hours researching fares to save $200 or $300? Or should you go to one of those travel sites that on most occasions have a "You bought it, you own it, call the airline to try to change it" policy? There is an old adage "save pennies, spend dollars" and that's what most small companies have found themselves doing when it comes to self-service do it yourself business travel. By working with a professional travel company like Techmiz we would have saved the consultant more than $300 and only would have taken us a few minutes to do it. In addition it would have only been a 3 minute phone conversation to initiate the itinerary with your travel account manager.

Techmiz makes any business traveler or company feel like a Fortune 500 company when it comes to their business travel. First and foremost we have your back when traveling, especially when flying internationally. Your dedicated account manager works with you from the time you book your travel until the day you return. Techmiz has no contracts for you to sign. You will keep coming back to us because not only will we deliver competitive price but great service as well. We have the buying power with the airlines, hotels and the car rental companies. We negotiated airline contracts to deliver deep discounts, specifically international business class flights. On average our clients can save up to 30% on their yearly travel spend. You are not too small.

Favorite Destinations
Cebu is a very beautiful city with countless beaches and nature parks. It offers everything you need- from a relaxing retreat in a tropical island, to all the conveniences that a first class metropolis can give. In contrast to the bustling metropolis, the rest of Cebu ‘s 167 islets and islands are lined with idyllic white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters.

The Queen City of the South is the capital of the Visayas (also the political, economic, educational and cultural center of the Visayas) and is the second biggest city in the country. Located in between two straits, and several surrounding islands, Cebu is about 225 kilometers long, a narrow island that is home to 2.4 million people,and English is spoken there.
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