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Bekim Murati
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St. Bulevardi "Bill Klinton"
No: 214
Pristina, Kosovo 10000


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Religious/Faith/Spiritual, Tours
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England - United Kingdom, Europe - Eastern, Europe - Northern, Europe - Western, Middle East
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Arabic, English, Serbian, Turkish
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Elite services to perform Hajj and Umrah according to Shariah
About me
Royal Travel is a tourist agency established in 2004 so that Muslim believers offer elite services to perform Hajj and Umrah according to Shariah rules and in accordance with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him.

The desire to establish this agency comes as a result of many years in the service of pilgrims and the suffering faced by pilgrims in the Balkans in general, starting from transport, accommodation in hotels, food and their difficulties in performing the Hajj rituals certain rules. Performing Hajj conformity has great reward. He who performs Hajj observing all the norms and provisions of his back clean from sins as the day when his mother was born, otherwise the neglect of these rules and not fulfilling them may result pilgrim return with more sins than he had before he went. In order to avoid these problems, "Royal Travel" offers solution fortunate to perform with precision and Umrah Hajj and observing all the rules of such worship.

In 2009 the "Royal Travel" earned the right by the Ministry of Hajj and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia to act as the sole operator in the region for individuals and groups in providing for the performance of Umrah visas for these countries: R. Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

Of our services so far have benefited many believers from the above countries and the diaspora, such as from: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, etc..

Our experience and advice of our customers have obliged us every year to increase the quality of our services. The beneficiaries of these services may be all our compatriots residing in the diaspora, but have no identification of the region where we operate have a passport even if the countries where you currently live.
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