About the ASTA Benchmarking Program

What is the ASTA Benchmarking Group?
Powered by ASTA in partnership with TAMS (Travel Agency Management Solutions), this unique, private group will allow you to gain exclusive insights and knowledge about business operations and assessments to help navigate your business to higher profitability.

Future full-day, interactive meetings will align with sessions at ASTA Global Convention (August 23rd) and the ASTA Small Business Network Conference (September 29th). Using company data provided prior to each meeting, information and results will be used for a highly productive, deep dive into business processes and efficiencies. The ASTA Benchmarking Program is a new feature from ASTA that cannot be found anywhere else.

Who should participate?

If you're a full-time seller of travel, this is the group for you. The ASTA Benchmarking Group is designed to help you focus toward working on your business, not in your business.

What is TAMs (Travel Agency Management Solutions)?
TAMs (Travel Agency Management Solutions) is a financial and operational data analysis, benchmarking and networking service that allows travel agencies to review and compare operating data during a face-to-face small peer group.

Where can I find more information on the ASTA Benchmarking Program?
We're currently developing the program and will provide a full overview of what our program details during our Double Preview event.

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