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Ms. Elizabeth B. Michalski, CTC
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25127 Riverdale St
Dearborn, MI 48124-1721

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Designing dream vacations to Australia & New Zealand and Eastern Europe.
About me
Visiting and experiencing other cultures is one of my greatest passions. The only way to experience the world is to see it with your own eyes!
Why I love my job
'Travel and change of place imparts new vigor to the mind' ~Seneca.
I travel and work in the travel business because I think it is one of the greatest ways to stimulate the mind and excite the senses.
Favorite Destinations
Melbourne is my go to destination when I'm in Australia. This city is a wonderful mix of cultures, modern architecture, delicious cuisine and those little Penguins, on Philip Island, are a true delight.
About my recent vacation
I just returned from a month long vacation to Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine & Poland. My parents are from Ukraine & Poland with a brother who lives there so it's important I see this side of the world yearly.
In November I am travel to New Zealand & Australia as one can never get enough of these two destinations. The locals and scenery are second to none!



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